Review: Gillette’s Venus Swirl

I was lucky enough to receive a Venus Swirl in the Influenter Ivy VoxBox that I received this month. I don’t typically buy fancy razors, since they are a tad pricier, so I was excited to get this one for free in exchange for my honest feedback! I promise you all that all of these opinions are my own, I’d never lead you wrong.


The Venus Swirl claims to be the first and only razor with FLEXIBALL™ for a flawless shave. When I took it out of the package, I did notice that this ball allows the razor to swivel back and forth, which allows it to really move with the contour of your body. It also is equip with 5 Countour™ blades that adjust to every curve. I will say that I did like the flexibility of this razor. Not only were there a lot of blades, which I like, but it really moved while I was using it. The head of the razor is able to move up and down, and now the FLEXIBALL™ allows the razor to move side to side.

Other features it includes are water activated MoistureGlide™ serum, and a MicroFine comb that can guide hair to the blades to capture every hair. I did notice that the serum was there while I was shaving. I typically shave with soap since I don’t want any razor burn, but even in the shower I noticed how much softer my legs felt while I was shaving that normal. On top of that, the blade really was able to glide over my skin. I can’t say whether or not I noticed the MicroFine comb, but I do not have any missed spots, and there is not feeling of stubble, so I guess whatever it was, it worked!


The only thing I will say is that this razor could use a bit more gripping. I had no problem holding it while I was shaving my legs, but I was having trouble getting a good grip while I shaved my arms. The bottom handle has gripping, and the top of the handle seems to be made of a gel which is always gripping, but I would have liked some more ridges to give you a more firm hold. While my hands are soapy, I worry I might slip and knick myself one day!

Overall, I really did like this razor. I was very impressed with how soft my skin felt after shaving. Sometimes I don’t feel like my razor really got everything, but this really captured everything and moved like no other. I also don’t shave everyday, so when I do, I really want the razor to do a good job, and this did just that! I would definitely recommend giving it a try.


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