Review: Hello Fresh Meal Delivery Service

Many of you saw that I recently reviewed the Blue Apron meal delivery service. Well, after trying their service, and really enjoying it, I wanted to test out some of the other companies that offer the same service. Next up: Hello Fresh. Someone had recommended I try Hello Fresh when I was first inquiring about Blue Apron. I’m not here to tell you which one is better than the other, because they are both amazing and unique in their own ways, but I want to share things I’ve enjoyed with Hello Fresh.

It is super customizable! Hello Fresh gives you the choice of receiving three, four, or five meals every week. They have meal options for both a two-person and four-person plan. You have the option to choose which meats you like and don’t like (chicken, pork, beef, fish, etc.), or no meats if you’re a vegetarian. You also get a wide variety of options. For example, I get the three-meal, two-person plan, but each week I am able to select which meals I want sent from eight different options. With that many options, you’re guaranteed to like what you’re getting! In addition, you’re able to skip whatever weeks you want and opt out of receiving that week’s box. They also have a weekly “premium” option, where you receive a higher grade meat (like New York strip steak) for an additional $5 per person. They even have a breakfast option each week, which I think is so cool! I also want to note that the first week I ordered the five-meal, two-person plan and I had no problem with any of the food perishing over the course of the week. They also let you know which meal you should eat first because the food is more time-sensitive.

Hello Fresh meals are much more similar to the things I already make on my own. The dishes are not complicated to make and are simple enough that even a beginner chef could master them all. Hello Fresh kindly includes instruction cards for each meal in their boxes too, so you don’t have to have your smartphone or tablet out while cooking the entire meal. I love that someone else has figured out when I should put a certain food on. Sometimes I get so stressed trying to decide if I should start cooking something because I don’t want it to be cold by the time I finish something else. The instructions are so comprehensive that really anyone can follow them. If you do choose to use their app to follow along with the recipe, Hello Fresh has timers built into their app so it makes timing the meal much simpler. I know when I cook, I often have a timer going on the microwave, oven, and my iPhone all at once, so this definitely made keeping track of my cooking times easier.

Hello Fresh has awesome customer service! I had once received an email that my food shipment was going to be arriving a day late due to one of the delivery trucks breaking down. I reached out to customer service and they kindly added credits to my account for the next time I received a box. There is nothing I appreciate more from a business than friendly, and easy customer service. It can really be frustrating when you are relying on someone else to provide you with a service and something goes wrong, but I really appreciated Hello Fresh’s efforts in rectifying the situation.

The food tastes amazing, and having it delivered really simplifies the cooking process. Like I had mentioned before, the meals are twists on what I already choose to make for my boyfriend and myself. It is nice to have someone else do the thinking for me for a change. No more going to the grocery store, combing through recipes, and having to put together a meal where the flavors compliment each other. Everything that you need is sent to you in the box (except for olive oil, salt, pepper, and butter which are things everyone has at home anyway). The recipes that they send are delicious and utilize some flavors that I wouldn’t have thought to use myself. I also like that they include a little bit more of something (say peanut oil or chili pepper flakes) than what is called for in the recipe, that way you can add more of something if you really like the flavor. They also allow for feedback so you can rate the meal and give them tips on what you think could have improved the meal.

I really encourage everyone to try Hello Fresh at least once! I sent a free box to my mother to try it out, and she loved it. She called me so excited to have received the box, and was thrilled that it encouraged my younger brother to try things that he didn’t normally eat. If you want to give Hello Fresh a try, you can receive $40 off of your first box and free shipping using the code “DORIBER”. You can also click here to be taken to their page. That means that your first box will be only $19.99 (if you order the three-meal, two-person plan), which is what some people spend on one meal alone! If any of you try out Hello Fresh, or have used it before, I’d love to hear what you think of it and what your experience was like!

Check out some of the delicious meals I have made with from Hello Fresh below (at least what I remember to save after posting to Snapchat)!

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